Dr. JAX Black

I love that Dr. Black is her talk.
She embodies what she is encouraging each of us to do and I love it.

– Axelson Center for Non-Profit Management Bootcamp Participant

As a transcendant leadership guide it is my heart’s desire to illuminate pathways of joy for the light of every heart to be free.

I carry the widom of joy in all that I do. After 40 years of living and leading into my strengths, beating corporate models of leadership at every step of the journey, I came to see the game for what it was and rendered it irrelevant for my evolution. From the heart of my joy, I speak to the souls of leaders in ways that illuminate just how relevant their own self-love, heart-felt wisdom, and joyful radiance are to the bottom line of everything that they do.

Joy is a much more productive mechanism for you to empower your authentic leadership presence. No fear. No steps. No imposter. No hoping to breathe once you have made it.

The journey into joy is about naming, centering, and honoring the ways in which your heart has already led in this world. Learning to understand the unique way in which you lead by unlocking the data from the other half of your soul and creating authentic pathways to bring the power of your joy to the world is the journey to becoming your own leader, one that makes your heart smile at being you. It is time for all leaders to become empowered from within in ways that sustain their own sense of who they are as a leader. That is how you ensure that the leader that you become is a leader that you love.

This is not about fighting against the system or even tearing it down. No one should have to do all of that work for free. This is about building pathways of systematic joy, from one heart to the next, that render white supremacy and all of its forms of oppression, irrelevant. Joy is about a way of living and leading well, despite and beyond the struggle. Big Joy Theory’s transformative process of Joyful Evolution will liberate you into the powerful brilliance of your own heart, for this lifetime and the next. 

Breathe and be free. Why do anything else?