Protections of the heart

When a heart shines bright it moves with such confidence and knowingness that it has permission to be in this world and it takes up the space with the full power of its radiance. When the boundaries of a heart are crossed, frayed along the edges to the point of fracture, or pulled apart by struggle, the soul shifts, and one’s light is dimmed. We all have internal boundaries of the heart that are to be honored if we are to continue to walk in this world with our hearts whole and our lights radiant. To not center this universal truth is to put us all in danger of growing and expanding in all of the wrong ways, for all of the wrong reasons.

The heart has two layers of protection. The first is the inner layer of protection that gives full permission for each person to lead from a place of self-love. The boundaries of the second layer are defined by the reach of the radiance in each heart. This boundary sets the perimeter of safety for every soul to say that cruelty and toxicity may not reach past the point of my heart smiling. This is truth, and this truth is critical for the wisdom in every heart to be safely and securely realized.

When a heart’s inner boundary is frayed by societal, cultural, or familial norms that require people to move from a place of ego over what they intuitively know is loving for them (and the people that they love) in their journey of growth and development, great harm is committed. The inner sanctum of that soul falls out of trust in what they innately knew to be true for themselves and, as a result, their internal compass pivots away from their own natural path of evolution for years to come and instead attaches to the ego of the person who harmed them.

In many cases, like a cracked prism, being forced out of the knowingness of how to follow the intuition of their heart fractures a person’s understanding of how their light is designed to shine for them, first, and then, secondly, for others. Once fractured, the rays of light become distorted and the path of radiance that their heart once shinned along becomes so twisted and contorted that they are eventually lost as the rays ricochet along lines that they were never meant to cross. Their inner light is forced to bend and bounce off sharp edges, often landing on someone else’s ego; people become convinced that their love is for others to shine. No longer can than they feel their light radiate from within. No longer can they feel the power of their own heart shining.

When a heart is asked to make safe that which their heart knows is unsafe an atrocity is committed against the power of their radiance. The second boundary line of the heart is like a protective perimeter around one’s soul. So when it is broken, or forced to expand beyond its natural size, it weakens the walls of the heart, allowing toxicity, cruelty, and negativity to make their way into the soul. People will no longer see the demons around them for, without the radiance that they once carried within, dark forces no longer seem scary. This is how so much toxic energy has become normalized. Decent people are tolerating cruelty from those who say they love and respect them because they can’t see the dark intentions of other people’s egos in such dimly lit light.

Hold true that the hearts of children are intact until we fragment them in the name of forcing them to accommodate the insecurities and fears of those around them simply because they are a parent, an older sibling, a teacher, a pastor, or a boss. Know that in the breath of the inner child, the wisdom of the boundary lines of each and every heart is still carried despite the struggle. To remember who you were and how you breathed before struggle ever arrived at your heart is the key to unlocking the way in which your heart always knew how to move from self-love and that wisdom illuminates the path of radiance that your heart naturally follows.