Black joy

The warriors of any struggle,
themselves, are never afforded the opportunity to breathe.

Their breath,
always tethered to the fight,
is constrained, burdened, and belabored.

This is truth for Black women.
Hearts coopted by humanity
on the frontlines, fighting for others to have a chance.
The liberation granted to them upon their first breath slips away with each battle.

Black women wait a whole lifetime to catch a breath of freedom.
The internal struggles and traumas of people who live in the power of their ego have been allowed to project their pains upon her identity and exploit her strength for their own evolution,
She does not know the possibility of living a life outside of the madness.

This is the cost of fighting the “good fight,”
the constant complete manipulation of her inner light.
A “warrior” mindset that will willingly fight on behalf of others,
From birth to death, soaked in struggle, her resilience is what belies her brilliance.

But radiance is who she is in her own heart,
She is the subject matter of her own existence.
The true heart of a Black woman, carries no fight.
She intuitively knows how to love herself.
She knows how to center her own self-love.
She knows how to offer love to others from her overflow.
How else do you think she is still here?

The struggles that she carries have not been of her own making. Most of the battles are not even hers.
The survival she carries is for the people she loves.
So, her light remains tethered to the fight.
The shadows provide a comfort she knows how to protect.
Until the warm glow of her own joy is what she can come to own.

The light of Black women is more relevant now than it ever has been.
The energy has shifted, and struggle is no longer a viable path of evolution.
Not for humanity, black or white, man or woman.

Goddess, no one’s warrior are you anymore.
Lay down the notions of the warrior that you came to love on the battlefield.
No longer do we need you to save everyone for free.
No longer will we ask you to hold your breath and burden the cost of liberation.
It is time to do more than just survive.
Transcend the physical constraints of this world.
Return to your highest light in the universe.

Carry the intergenerational wisdom of love, light, and liberation forward with the ease of your soul dancing. Choose joy, now, and let your heart breathe.

Be Free. Be Free. Be Free.