Don’t fake anything, anymore, anywhere, for anyone, at anytime

The Fake-it-until-you-make-it mentality is now officially obsolete!

While it was used by many to overcome what were thought to be dire circumstances, it was never meant to be a default survival mechanism for the rest of your life. Fake-it-until-you-makeit will land just about anyone in a misrepresentation of their truth, misappropriating their wisdom, and/or crossing the ethical boundary lines of their own heart. People cannot continue to wonder why they feel like an imposter when they have been following fake-it-until-you-make-it methodologies of trying to survive the climb to leadership that doesn’t really exist except in the minds of the elite.

Imposter syndrome has spread to epidemic levels because people have gotten to where they are by trying to fake that they had an inmate talent in something that they were desperately trying to memorize and learn overnight as some sort of necessary hustle for success.  However, the constant time and effort that people have put into becoming a version of a leader that they were never designed to be have pulled them way off their own purpose-driven paths and timelines in ways that have caused their souls to fracture.

Some have gone too far and won’t be able to ever find their way back home. Others can still feel a warm glow inside their heart calling them back home, but may not know what to do with it. For those who can feel the faint calls of their heart amidst the entanglement of their mind, it is time to turn towards that inner light and follow the internal compass of your soul. This is critical in a world in which corruption has become a viable brand of leadership.

There is no need to fake anything, for anyone, anywhere, at any time when we ALL can simply bring that which we truly are, to everyone, everywhere, in all that we do, all the time, and always trust that you being you is always enough. Being authentic is far more powerful than the performance of trying to make someone else like you or hire you for something that may not even serve your heart’s desire.

Be whole and be all of you, all of the time.