Fight to not fight, to never fight again


One does not have to tear down that which is already crumbling before their eyes. One only has to focus on that which can be elevated for the benefit of all hearts to grow. When one has been taught that they can only grow through struggle then one is more likely to fight against the grains of power and call that winning. Broken and bandaged warriors will work to convince themselves that war makes them stronger.

The war is often only a grueling and unfortunate necessity for the moment. There is too little wisdom gained. Wartime strategies are not to be rationalized as a model for a life lived well less the plan for liberation was still to fight and fight and fight. If freedom is the goal then why do we covet competition, glorify hierarchy, and rationalize the egos of men. Won’t people feel compelled to fight for the right to win, to control, and to pleasure themselves in whatever way they see fit in any given moment. Fear of losing the power gained by the atrocities burdened in the hearts others, even watching the humanity of others become not so slowly diminished for the gain of one ego run amuck, will spread like a pandemic and still people will fight to stay where we have already been. They will call it the American way. To fight and go nowhere. To win and have nothing meaningful to show for it. To do whatever one’s ego desires at the cost of one’s own breath. This will be the way. But evolution does not go that way. Now, fighting against the call of their own growth the paths of self-love and peace are so quickly lost and the possibility of quieting ALL storms, and not just the one burning in one’s brain, is forgotten.

In the wisdom of hearts that know that they are worthy of a freedom that is life-giving, “fighting the good fight” could never be the way. A call to joy is given space from the quiet stillness of one’s heart to illuminate an old and yet familiar path of dreams past. All children know it. As one’s heart speaks lovingly to one’s soul strategies for growth inspired by self-love make their way. Flowers to paint, dances to perform, designs to make, ideas to put out into the world. These paths flow together, one intertwined with another until they become one current flowing. Like watching the power of a child’s imagination unfold without the constraints of what can and cannot be done the ease of simply being and knowing that you are enough softly emerges like a new horizon.

The liberation that we seek will not be found in a world fighting for a relevance each human already has in their very first breath. Liberation is cultivated in each breath of joy that comes from us individually and collectively moving through the world in way that allows each heart to smile back at seeing itself free to be whole in the heat of humanity still becoming.