From ego and fear to love and joy

There is a whole world of people who are navigating the world through ego. What that does is force everyone around them to navigate the world through fear. 

Fear of being unseen. 
Fear of being unloved. 
Fear of being different. 
Fear of never being successful. 
Fear of not being enough. 
Fear of not having enough to ever do more than survive this world.

Navigating the world through fear is actually what gives ego power. That is the truth about the relationship between fear and ego. As the saying goes, “ego feeds on fear.”  If you respond to ego with fear, it only feeds the dragon. 

Should you try to respond to ego with love or joy, ego will only respond to that as a threat, but at least you are not feeding it. Over time, unfed, ego will lose power. The whole point of joy is to render ego powerless.

When ego has no power, leaders in positions of power will no longer be able to use their fear tactics to manipulate and control those around them for the sake of their own insecurities. Those people, so accustomed to navigating ego, will no longer have to spend countless hours strategizing how to avoid, re-narrate, and coddle the abusive egos in their lives. Moreover, when ego is rendered useless, even abusive leaders feel safer accessing the wisdom in their hearts where they can lay down their own fears. For, in truth, ego is just unresolved trauma throwing a tantrum. Ego is a cry to the world for help.

People, in their families, in their jobs, and in their communities should be able to navigate the world with the relevance of knowing who they are in their hearts. We all should want people to know who they are before we begin to pour additional knowledge into them or give them access to untold and often unbridled amounts of power. In joy, authentic connections are made easier and, as a result, the real work is less complicated to do and it gets done quicker. Co-creation becomes more likely and transformative outcomes become a new norm. 

In truth, in a world full of joy there is little need for ego. Detach from fear now and allow your heart to evolve to its full potential, in joy.