A more joyful evolution

People are trying to fight their way through intergenerational trauma. It can be done but it is the long route home. The more productive route is to overwrite the dramas and the traumas with intergenerational joy. In other words, let the wisdom of our parents and ancestors, whatever they may be and even if only a spark, speak louder than the narrative of their trauma.

Intergenerational joy flows through our essence in brilliant and profound ways. We only need to honor it above who we have become to be in order to survive this world. Wisdom is all around us in the artistic creations of our cultures, the embodiment of our dances, and the heartfelt words that people offer humanity despite their struggles. All of these words, embodiment, and radiance of joy are pearls of wisdom, as they say, that we can carry and build upon without having to constantly turn towards the battles of the corporate mindset.

Consider yourself a flower

Flowers know that they can root and
seed in the cracks of concrete.

Flowers turned towards the relevance of shadows in the concrete
will struggle to reach their full potential, simply for never seeing
the light of their own heart sparkle in the sun.

Flowers that know that the nourishment of the sun is for their petals to flourish will carry on with the brilliance that they are designed to be in this world.

A flower’s heart can grow if it simply keeps
turning towards the wisdom of its own joy within.

The relevance that we choose in this world
is for our own heart to be brilliant and become whole.

With the joy of every heart that has come before you honored, let wisdom flow through your soul like rays of sun extended from their heart and into yours .