More than surviving the dream

Do not try to survive that which is, at best, a path to your own cultural undoing. This is what I so want to say to all people of difference who come to this land chasing a dream.  

Do not come to this place and try to survive it. It is already lost, a zombie of a nation, siphoning off it’s own nourishment for ill-fated notions of success that would lead anyone off the cliffs of their own soul and into their own demise. Don’t survive when flourishing is your heart’s desire. 

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe…

Breathe when you feel you are alone and without and breathe when you feel that you are full. In every breath, the pathways of evolution, for your heart for your family, and for your community illuminate themselves before you and then, but not until then, move. The road will seem less traveled and yet with each step, it will give you the dream of the complete,  full, and unburdened breaths that you desire. In those breaths you will see, hear, and feel that the land still carries a rhythm for you to follow, the waters will still cleanse you, the trees offer their nourishment and the animals will call forward a level of wonderment and delight that will inspire your heart to keep growing with and alongside those you love. Isn’t that the dream?

Do not try to survive a world lost and disconnected from its own soul. The dream of your heart’s desire is already in you and all around you. Remember that the land that you walk upon was once one. The rivers that you have to pay to cross we’re all connected in the cycle of life. The fact that man has created structures and systems that try to render this clear and evident truth irrelevant is of no consequence to your soul’s journey. It is of no consequence to your soul’s purpose or the desires of your heart. 

Bring with you your light, and your inner peace, and unite cultural wisdoms of the love that is in you and all around you in a way that calls you into the knowingness that we, still, are ALL one.