No fighting in the garden

In the garden of your heart, there is one universal and unbreakable
rule: no fighting in the garden.

The key to always abiding by this rule is to lead through your sense of self-love. There is no fear when you receive the life experiences that have shaped you through the lens of self-love. Even the traumatic experiences in life become more effectively recentered, not as a reflection upon you and who you are or were but as a reflection
upon the person or people who hurt you and caused you the trauma in the first place. You won’t have the burden of their toxic energy anymore. You needn’t feel guilt or shame for what is past.

No matter your age when trauma was laid upon you, it no longer
has to burden you or stand in your way. It’s time to clear the weeds
and bloom to your relevance in this world.

In this way, we remove the fight from the garden. We quiet the mind so the heart can be heard. We pluck the weed so the flower may bloom. Abiding by this rule is vital for the long-term success of our evolution into joy. Stumbles may occur, especially when triggered by the same people who originally hurt us, but our actions will come
from heart and joy, not fear and self-doubt. This is the difference between getting stuck in the weeds of brain and travelling the clear path of a joyful heart.