Why the smile in your soul matters

There is a theory of quantum physics, metaphysics, and even string theory that defines the purpose of the universe as a force/entity/existence that seeks to observe itself. 

What glimpse into the world does the universe have?

Most will, first, think of the brain. We call you to quickly remember that we use such a small portion of it. It just doesn’t feel right, does it?  When you just think about the mechanism that the universe has in each of us to smile back at itself the heart emerges as the clearest and most certain response. 

This is how we know that the path to joy lies in one’s heart. The heart is where you can experience and fully process the data all around you in one full breath. It is where knowledge infuses with intuition to form wisdom. It is where dreams are inspired by the sparks of inner knowingness, curiosity, and wonderment collide into one another and spiral off together like shooting stars in the night.

In our hearts is where we feel most alive and profoundly connected to all that is living in this world. In the heart is where time seems to move at a different pace than the rest of the world. A loving kiss can feel like it lasts forever as the woes of the world fall back and dissipate. It is where each soul can still hold onto the knowingness that it is playing a very important and special role in this world that may have nothing to do with anything 9 to 5. And in that knowingness, their inner children can still play freely and know that they are more than enough. 

This is where the universe smiles at becoming itself; when your heart smiles at you being you. 

If the purpose of the universe is for it to observe itself, then what more is there than your heart (the universe) to smile at you being you?

Can you feel that the universe is calling you back into the collective constellation of humanity in each smile? Struggles are the call of men. Sacrificing your breath is what they ask you to do in the name of serving your role in their world. In the constellation of humanity, the role that you serve would never be placed on a battlefield. Only in the light is where your heart shines. The call into joy is through whole breath, whole heart, and it requires that you choose all of you to be free in this world.